Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Few Observations from Lou

Too funny not to post...

1) Ithaca = Hades and Ithaca India Pale Ale is brewed by the devil himself.
2) I had to run to the toilet bowl at 2 am and yak like a frat boy.
3) According to the law of averages, I will throw darts very well next Tuesday.
4) I feel that I performed a very accurate impression of a Walter's patron last night.
5) Were Cheese and Slicked-back Hair Guy throwing darts at 300 mph or was that just my warped perspective?
6) I think Glenn was wearing a French Maid outfit but it may have been just a dream.
7) I am now eating an oversized peanut butter cookie for breakfast but I don't remember buying it.
8) The capital of Switzerland is not Geneva - it is Bern.
9) Colin went hiking with Llamas (the animal, not Lorenzo) in Peru for his honeymoon.
10) I am considering going into the woodshop right now to fabricate a bed from Fomecore (board and bubble wrap.)
11) I discovered last month that if you cut your lawn too short it burns up and then you never have to cut it again.
12) Was there live music last night?
13) I think we did shots but I can't swear to it.
14) If everyone hit only 20's, I would volunteer to keep score for the entire match.
15) I parked illegally last night but did not get a ticket.
16) Andre is not a mean person - he is, in fact, very pleasant.
17) Apparently Omer is pronounced Oh Mar not Oh Mer.


Blogger joey pep said...

lou? i mean...that sounds like something i wrote up during my best timothy leary impression back in the 90's.

10:54 AM  

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