Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Good News is...

... we walked away with a 12-12 tie against a good A-1 team.

The bad news is we were consistently outplayed and didn't deserve 12 points.

But we ain't gonna give 'em back.

The first foray into A division was a bit shaky for the Most Drinkin'est and Friendliest Team of the NYDO (TM). They took on a West Gaffers squad who played a man down yet managed to walk away tied. Still, the Dartbags drank heartily, had some laughs, watched the Yankees kill the ball and enjoyed the evening.

It was a full contingent of Dartbags (Colin, Cup, Frank, Glenn, Lou, Marty, RJ, Tim & Vince)and the Women who Love Them (Gemma, Jessie, Nell).

Here's what happened:

Pike started us off well. He won game number 1. Should have won #2. All this despite not hitting a single trip 19. Which is beyond weird.

Frank played uninspired darts. Dropped the first and got a case of sticky fingers in the second. Uggh. 3-1 Gaffers.

Lou won an ugly one against their Captain before dropping the 2nd leg. 4-2 Gaf.

Cup dropped a pair.

RJ took earned a split.

Vince got 2 freebies and at the end of period 1 the 'Bags were lucky to be down 7-5.

Vince and Lou got together for Cricket and beat a stubborn Jerry to walk away with two Victories. The lesson to be taken from this one is point, point, point. Unlike real life Canadians who are not dangerous at all, A Leaguers playing Canadian are extremely dangerous. (Especially on Bullseye.)

Pike and RJ split and if not for 4 trip 15s (in 2 turns) by Tom, would have walked away with a sweep.

Frank'nCup won their first and were robbed blind by a trip 18 and 4 corks in the final frame to walk away with another split.

We have to get used to that, guys. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got from an A league player is to always expect an R-7 from the other team on their next turn. Let's learn that lesson sooner than later, if we can.

So we were even up (9-9) headed into Period 3. Did we want better? Sure. But we were still in position to walk away with a nice victory.

Didn't happen.

Frank and Big Friendly Tim took on Mike "Dr. Evil" Desanctis Canadian style. They overcame a first-dart-in by Mike and took the first leg. The Big Friendly doubled us in to the second game and threw a 98 and 90 on the way down. Frank nailed it shut on double 2. The Dartbags were now up 11-9.

Pike and RJ got swept. They threw good darts, but didn't get out quite quick enough. Captain Tom is a nasty shot who doesn't let you hang around long.

Last up was Vince and Cup against Rob and Brian. The good guys dropped the first in a close one. But Vince threw All Stars and earned the 'Bags a tie by nailing a double 4 to end the evening.

They say a tie is like kissing your sister. But is your sister Charlize Theron or Camryn Manheim? That's really the question.

Gentlemen, welcome to the harsh reality that is A League. If we played this way last season, we'd have walked away with a convincing victory. This season that won't happen.

There may have been some "openning night jitters". We're only human. But we need to play better than this if we want to stick around. We can't wait til mid-season to be in "mid-season form". We'll be deader than Abe Lincoln by that time.

So putting up that board in the house, using that board that you already have up, walking down to the pub to get some throws in more than just a good idea. It's a necessity if we don't want to get killed. We have GOT to double out faster and reduce the crap rounds (1 or 0 marks).

You guys know how I feel about it. The fact is, we'll have fun no matter what. We enjoy the fellowship and the cold frosties too much not to. But we'll have a lot more fun if we're not used as a doormat for the next 13 weeks.

Next week it gets -- and I can't stress this enough -- a LOT tougher. We play O'Hanlon's. They won the damn thing last year. They have Jamie Donovan, Tony Roman and a whole bunch of other guys who bring games that range between "nasty" and "utter filth".

Am I conceding victory?

F*CK, NO!!!

And I never will.

The 'Bags don't lie down for anyone. And we sure as bloody hell don't do it in our house.

So let's ramp it up and show 'em what Dartbag darts look like.

We can either look like this or like this.

The "fun" thing will be there either way.

Here is the (increasingly irrelevent) ASP recap...

Pike 429
Vince 326
RJ 321
Frank 200
Cup 117
Tim 98

That is all.

Capt. Furious


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Blogger Captain Furious said...

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Blogger The Dartside said...

nice job dartbags...will be at the bleecker bar tonight (Friday) if any of you are up for some throwin...

peace out,

1:52 PM  

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