Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Yo Adrian...

... WE DID IT!!!!

Congrats, everyone.

Great times, great season.

There are lots of pictures (thanks, lil) and a write up will follow.

Though likely not today.

Award night is Tues, site TBD. Let's all celebrate together.

And let's get a steak night is in the works. Luger.

-Your proud Captain, Frank


Blogger Doctor Fier said...

Congrats Guys.
Ross and I (Nick) decided maybe we better let you guys on your own, and I guess it worked cause once we left you seem to have gone from 42% to 78%. Wish we could have been there to see the 10 to 2 win at home yesterday.
So when you're all rested up come on down to Bleecker and we'll have us a game. Tuesdays are nice and quiet. First round is on us.
Til then,
Peace from the DartSide

2:22 PM  

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