Wednesday, October 05, 2005



Let's run down the checklist.

The Yankees won. (check)

The Red Sox lost. (check)

And the Dartbags (Most Drinkin'est and Friendliest Team in NYC) kissed Sweet Lady Victory for the first time in A. (big check)

With all apologies to Farty... that's what we call a tri-fecta.

The Dartbags took on Thieves, Fakirs & Rogues, and walked away with a 15-9 result on the upper west side. The night had a very different feel. With a light crowd and the sound of the Yankee game on all you could hear were the people behind you and Joe Buck on TV. Odd darting environment.

The 'Bags went into battle without a full contingent. Cup, Marty and Colin (more on that later) weren't there. But America's Favorite Actress Nell Teare, Original Dartbaguette Hope, and Lillian C were there to pick up the slack, eat french fries, cheer,(and Lil's case, record the All Stars).

Pike got out of the gate slowly against Jay which was too bad because Jay has a very interesting superstition. He makes a point of always hitting a triple 20 on his first dart for every turn. Unbelievable. He took the first before Glenn kicked it into gear and won the second leg in a flourish. 1-1

El Capitan threw some good ones. He swept Barry by winning one legitimately and sneaking up and stealing the second. 3-1

Next up was R.J. "Patch" Morrow. He faced off against Harlan -- a good shot in anyone's book. RJ was sharp, threw some good darts and followed Frank's lead by committing petty larceny to complete a sweep. 5-1

That brought up Vince. Vince was solid -- especially his much improved "short game" -- and took the first one before dropping the second to Kenji. 6-2

The next round was a big match up. Literally. Big Friendly Tim found himself up against Large Amiable BC -- combined weight: 587 Lbs. Tim had the same sort of focus he had at the Gaf and walked away with an impressive sweep. (Nice.) Two more wins for the BFT and with that we were officially rolling in 8-2 'Bags.

That brought in Louis, who selflessly (and in all likelihood against better judgment) took a break from work to help the team. And, as usual, trouble would find him in the form of a very tough opponent. In this case, it was Gerard Leary who threw a cricket game so nasty against us in a playoff, that his darts defied previously immutable laws of mathematics by splitting in two in mid air and hitting multiple triples.

(At least that's how I remember it).

But like Cris Carter who "all he does is catch touchdown passes", all Lou does is beat All Stars. Yes, he dropped the first one. And yes, in the second match the jackass twice tried to bust by hitting 11/14 but MISSED THE BOARD, putting him on crappy odd numbers. He was on 3. Gerard was on 32. But then, suddenly, after flailing his way down from 100, he calmly went 1, Double 1 on his first two darts to take the match.

Lou Henry, ladies and gentlemen. Next show is at 11:00. Please tip your waitresses generously.

It was now 9-3 Dartbags heading into Cricket. It was beginning to feel like old times at Keeley's.

Glenn and Lou took on Jay and Barry. They staged an amazing comeback, thanks in large part to Pike who threw monster darts (C-3, R-5 etc.) and Louis chipping in bullseyes two at a time to help them steal the first. In the second, Lou had a handful of R-4s Glenn hit 2 R-5s and a C-3 and the 'Bags rolled. 11-3 'Bags.

Vince and RJ faced Harlan and Gerard. A tall order. Too tall this time. The Rogues took a pair. (Hey. It's A. This sort of thing is gonna happen on a regular basis.) 11-5

Frank and Tim would write the final cricket chapter of the night. They got out of the gate slowly and with 4 numbers wide open to only one on the other team, it looked like they were dead in the water. Then BFT hit seven 16s. That provided the spark. Following that a very nice, but very loud, rah-rah type-player on the other team ("THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN'BOUT!!!") hit a 19 to put them up 4 bullseyes. His teammate offered encouragement, "We'll take the 19!" The response? "No we won't. I want a double bull!" That provided the lighter fluid. Fire f*cking lit.


"...Take the 19."

A highly p*ssed off Captain followed that with 4 corks. Tim closed the 15s. Frank followed with 3 more angry corks. And sank the winner on the next round.

Monster comeback by the 'Bags. And they won the second leg too.

To their credit, the opposing players were very sportsmanlike about what had to be a bitter loss.

13-5 after cricket

Vince and RJ took on Barry and Jay in Double 01. Capt. Barry, a dangerous gunner, finally got hot. Multiple tons and quick outs led to 2 points for the Thieves, Fakirs and Rogues.

At this point we were down a man. Lou had to leave for the evening. We sent out an APB Calling All Dartags. We tried the phones. We climbed to a rooftop and sounded a conch shell. We shined a giant Dart over Gotham City... and Colin "The Microwave" O'Donnell answered the call.

He left a quiet evening of spending time with mother (who was in town) to come over to GK. It made the difference. He provided enough points to get UberBag, Glenn Pike down to doubling range. Pike sank a D-16 to take the first. They dropped the second to Gerry and Harlan. But yeoman's effort by Pike and by Colin for making the scene.

It was Frank and Tim in the last leg. Nobody could double in. Finally Tim got us in to play catchup. The good guys did catch up and took the first. They dropped the second in an X battle that went on waaaaay too long. This last match marked the first time all year that BFT had lost. That's right. Tim "I'm not sure I'm ready for A league" was 7 for 7 before that.

The final score was 15-9.

Tip your cap to the Thieves, Fakirs and Rogues. They were nice guys and good sports all of them. They didn't bring their best darts. They know that and so do we. But it didn't stop them from being good company and rooting on the Yanks.

Mega Props to Lou and Colin for answering the call.

Big Props to Big Friendly who was dynamite all night long.

Props to the rest of us for contributing to our first Victory ever.


Frank: 520 (500+ again)
RJ: 395 (What? No patch?)
BFT: 257 (Why can't you just hit a normal ton like everyone else?)
Pike: 195 (Too bad R-5s don't count)
Vince: 98 (Consecutive ASP streak in order)

Next week return to... McCarthy's.

Mind you, this is not the same McCarthy's we beat in the playoffs last year. This is the McCarthy's who picked up 2 good players and recently beat Kettle 18-6.

We'll have our hands full.

Good job, everyone.

We'll see you then.


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