Wednesday, June 11, 2008

...And Then There's DARTS!

The Armed & Hammered crew were gracious enough to grant us a postponement. We'll be playing them at Eamonn's (41 Murray St.) on June 22 in the afternoon (I think).

This coming Monday, the Dartbags have a bye. So, in lieu of league play we have a special treat.

We will be hosting a night of darts, brews and hilarity with TV Funny Lady & #1 Dartbags Fan, Bea Arthur! (Yes, she's still alive. And, yes, she'll be at GK).

The woman who gave Archie Bunker holy heck in Maude, cracked on old people in The Golden Girls, and made that cameo in History of the World: Part I ("I'm on my wine break!) will be on hand to hoist a few cold ones, throw a few sharp ones and sign copies of her book, Thank You For Being a Friend: A Golden Girls Trivia Book. This is one Dartbaguette who definitely has NOT gotten stale!
Bea: You'll have to excuse Frank, he suffered a stroke a few years ago that leaves him totally annoying.
Oh, snap! Did she just go there!

You don't want to miss this, dart fans!
That is all.


Blogger Goodtime Charlie said...

Bea + McQuaids + Alcohol = Sexy good time

2:00 AM  

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