Monday, March 26, 2007

While We Wait, Another Cupdate

Here's another Cupdate...since the captain has been
slackin' off with the updates.

Besides getting margarita stains out of my linen shirt,
here are some clues as to some of the stuff I've been
doing down here....and it ain't "giving scuba-diving lessons":

I'll give my margarita-stained linen shirt to the first guy,
or gal, to guess what the heck it is i'm doing.

Most people don't know this, but Key West is alot more than
just a bottomless pit of heinousness and booze (Ginsberg).
And there's alot more to do than just "giving scuba diving lessons".

The art/music/creative community down here is huge, and legit.
Alot of great stuff goin' on down here. Kinda like the village.
Some areas just like the west village (see christopher st.).

Anyway - el capitan will be cruisin' on down here soon.
I'm sure we'll be throwin' a few (hundred) games at Cowboy's.
Maybe he'll even give his best shot at the bull, and i don't
mean darts (sure to post).

Who knows, I may even take a scuba diving lesson when
he's down here - the captain loves scuba.

Now get that update out - before I post another ridiculous Cupdate.

Scuba Joe


Blogger Frank said...

I'll guess. You are... fashioning a rudimentary lathe?

10:06 AM  

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