Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Going Back into the Vault: Best of Captain's Logs


We have been receiving complaints that the blog has not been updated for a year-ender. They are valid complaints. So in the meantime, here's one from the Vault - a C-League Tuesday write up I stumbled upon. This was when our writeups were basically inside jokes meant only for Dartbag eyes. Hence it has been cleaned up slightly.

Note: This was an historic night in Dartbag lore.

Edge of 17?

Well more like Edge of 16, but we gave away 2 doubles matches and had to settle for a 12-6 victory.

Here's how it went down. Glenn started off by losing. (Wow.) First time all year (and the smart money says last time this year.)

Then the usually reliable Frank made Shakes the Clown look like Cool Hand Luke. He sucked more than a 5 dollar whore on an Army base and lost also.(WTF??)

Not a good start for the 'Bags.

But Cuppa was there to right the ship. He beat Tad Blues Traveller (a very tough player) in a crisp match and got on us on the board.

Then in a surprise appearance the Dartbags welcomed back Prodigal Son, Lou Henry. Like a pitcher without his best stuff, Lou kept it together and hita Double 10 to record the victory in a close match.

Next was Vince who hasn't played in a month. After a brief discussion onhow to play a 57 out, Vince followed his heart and ended it with a sweet 19, Dub19 out. (2 darts only).

Next was RJ "The Panda" Morrow (He Eats, Shoots and Leaves) {Captain's Note: This is a great nickname. We will be reusing it sometime this year.} , who is probably justifying his existence to (his employer) as we speak, efficiently dispatched the opponent and recorded another win.

And things didn't look too bad. Dartbags lead 4-2.

Next is Cricket. Cricket has been our best game. We dominate. (Factoid: Including last match we've won 27 of our last 30 matches and 12 in a row.) It deserves to be pointed out that the other team was stupid here and, I think, disrespectful.

Instead of combining their best players in adesperate hope to steal a point. (Which is what they should have done.) They decided to pair a weak player with a strong player. Thus they created 3 watered down pairings.

I imagine the strategy discussion was like that scene in Braveheart where the Nobels are deciding battle tactics against theEnglish....

Argyle: We mustn't divide our forces!

Wallace: Do it... and let the English SEE you do it...

Well this isn't Braveheart. They should have known better than to divide their forces.

We combined Pike and RJ together to create a sort of freakish "Super Team." They rolled. But that was only half the story.

During the match, Glenn apparently picked up an admirer in the form of an stunningly hot girl from Texas who had been sitting at the bar. Glenn threw a C-3 and girl threw herself -- at Glenn. He recorded 100 all star points, another Dartbag victory and a phone number in the span of about 10 seconds. James Bond couldn't have done it better.

This year the Dartbags have modelled their approach on medieval Viking Raiders. We invade the enemy territory, we drink excessively, we slaughter them in battle, and then, we leave with their women. (Ya, verily it is so.)

Next was Cuppa Lou who took on their sassy shooter, Melissa and... some other dude. The 'Bags rolled again. Lou hit a C-3 to seal the deal. We may have welcomed back Lou after game 1, but welcomed back CONFIDENT Lou after cricket.

Then Vince and Frank completed the sweep with a steady performance,overcoming a C-4 by their guy to make it close. And there you have it. A 6-0 cricket sweep.

Next was Doubles with a fat 10-2 lead. It would get skinnier. Frank'nCup took their sweet-ass time doubling and by the time Frank did (6thturn) it was a steep uphiill climb. But Never Say Die Cup made itinteresting with the other team on 32 and us on 154 he recorded a Trip-20,Dub-20, 18 to leave a 36 out! Miracudarts! But Frank couldn't cash in. Neither could Joe and we lost to Sweet Melissa. Uggggh.

Next was former Scarsdale Football Jocks Vince and Lou. The chemistry is still there. They pulled out a very close victory with Vince going out on 7 (not easy to do) with a 3, dub-2 to pull out a clutch victory in a tight match.

Next was Pike and Marty. Again with the doubling in! Marty eventually hita double 14 to get them going. Glenn hit a Ton-40 to make it a game, but the double out didn't come fast enough and the good guys got upset by Tad K and.... some dude. In this match Glenn also did his angry "I missed the double out and will fire a fastball at the board in frustration thing" which resulted in a bounce out that hit the scorekeeper in his eye.

It was an eventful day for Glenn on a number of levels.

So the final is 12-6 for the 'Bags.


To Glenn whose season stats now read: 1256 All Star points, 2 hot chicks, and 1 blinding.

To Lou for making the scene and going undefeated.

To RJ for being a trooper and going 3/3.

To Cup for getting us on track and giving us a chance in Doubles.

To Vince for clutch darts, a 4-0 day and taking over as percentage leader for the team (90% on year).

To Marty for doubling in and not being a dick about the Red Sox.

To Frank for hitting cricket corks and doubling in.

NOTE: THERE ARE NO DARTS NEXT WEEK. They cancelled it for election day. For some reason. Our next league sponsored event will be Nov 7th... it's the singles/doubles tourney on Sunday. I'd like to do it. Everyone else is encouraged to do it too. If you've never played in a tourney, it's a lot of fun.Nov 9th (Tuesday) is at GEORGE KEELEY against the Kansas Hellos, a team of chicks.

Should be fun.

That is all.


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Nice to see the blog updated again. I think "Big Triple Hunters" are dropping to A3 so we might not see each other in the regular season.

Shoot well Dartbags.

Eric Matern from Biddys "Big Triple Hunters"

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