Monday, December 01, 2008

Week 11, Fall 2008

Dartbags In Disarray
By Cuppa Joe Gasparino



A mess.

That pretty much sums up whats been going on the past 4 weeks. Disorder, in that....for multiple reasons, we don't really know who's playing from week to week anymore.

Confusion, for mysterious reasons, our performance levels have dropped dramatically, pretty much across the board. I, CUPPA....more than others. And where have the weekly writeups been? The same place as my darts game: MIA.

But its not without good reason...

I can only speak for myself....but add a dash of "I'd rather focus my attention elsewhere" in the mix.....and what you end up with is a mess. At least in terms of playing darts. Everything else in life seems to benefit, but lets not go there, this is a darts blog after all.

Maybe someday my friends and I will get together over coffee and a book. Or Bible readings at church. Maybe boxing class, or yoga. Things that don't involve boozing til 1am on a monday night. And lets be honest. Show me a sober guy at a darts match, and I'll show you a Jew for Jesus. I know.....they exist, but you get my point.

I think it was Groucho Marx who said, "half of life is just showing up". Well that works the other way around, too. Don't bring the fat guy to White Castle.

Anyhow....the past 4 weeks, we've gone 0-3-1. We barely....and I think undeservingly....squeezed out a tie against Paul "The Quiz" Quisenberry and J.A.P. My game has been so far down the toilet, Paul couldn't even look at me without shaking his head, in sympathetic pity. Of course, we played eachother again in singles. No matter how you shake the lineup, its CUPPAQuiz everytime. Death, taxes, Joy Harmon somewhere in our blog....and you bet I'm playin' Paul in singles.

It used to be a good rivalry. Now its like Lennox Lewis, beating on Mike Tyson, begging him to put his hands up.

We've had some personal bright spots here and there. JFK, for example has turned into our most consistent shot. The kid is good. Message to dart-geeks: remember the name James Kwon.

FURIOUS, when he's been able to show up, has had some bright spots as well. Like hitting a ton-80 with one shoe on.

Thats pathetic.

But, its been what its been.

And tonight it gets even worse!

We play The Banana Hammocks, at Molly Pitchers. I have no idea who these guys are. I didn't play the first match, where we got beaten down like red-headed mules...


...but what I do know, is that, aside from Julio'brien, and Menace To Sobriety, they've been beating the snot out of everyone in the division.


And FURIOUS is in France, on his make things even easier. But, like I said, that's par for the course this season. Heck, I didn't play last week, and we had to play canadian against the aforementioned Menace.

If you get a chance to read this, Frank, while you're in gay Paris.....I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, that you're a bigger dart-geek than I thought......STOP READING THIS! YOU'RE IN FRANCE, for cryin' out....

Anyway....tonight, I think we're going with CUPPA, The Werewolf, The Hornet's Nest, and the c-melliest darts player in the NYDO, C-Mellen. more thing: Joy Harmon.


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