Monday, December 15, 2008

Week 12 - Fall 2008


No....not that double trouble.

Or that one.

And for the love of God.....not this one.

(Notes: am I crazy, or does the first one look like dartbaguette Nell in double vision? As for the second one, Otis is a bad-ass.....sans the 2 dorky white dudes on sax. And I have no use for chocolate-ice, for cryin' out...)

This version of double trouble starred CUPPA and Vince The Hornets Nest, who turned a potential 13 or 14 point victory into a 13-11 loss, by choking away 3 straight 501 games to the good dudes from Biddy's.....the Big Triple Hunters.

FURIOUS was back from his Parisian honeymoon, but contracted the airplane flu on the trip back. The remedy was a steady diest of hot toddies, but the flu would ultimately win out. The FURIOUS One, despite taking 2/3 from Eric "The Matternhorn" Mattern, would understandable never quite get on track.

It did get us off on the right foot though. At the end of singles.....after less than stellar darts.....we were playing with house money, up 7-5.

Scott "Ooh La La" Sisson played some of the best darts we've ever seen from him. He racked up 425 points, and was out faster than Robert Duncan.

And I, CUPPA, in the same vein, was more like David Gest, as it seemed I'd never get out. However, a flamboyant singles-night-high 495 points, helped snag 2/3 from Tom Gray. Fabulous.

J.FURIOUS.K did the honors, starting us off in cricket, against Eric & Christian "Fuhwhuttitz" Wirth. Nothing against the other guys, but I, CUPPA, who wrote the lineup for cricket, thought Frankwonstein would get us out to a 9-5, or even a 10-5 lead. They've been that good lately, especially JFK.

But the bad-guys took 2/3 rather decisively, cutting our lead to 8-7. Cuppa'cenz would then take 2/3 from red-hot-Scott, and cult-hero Ed Lewis, who wasn't dishin' out R-5's at his usual pace. Props to Vince who smacked a couple of R-7's, and a ridicu-finish to game 3.

The score was now Dartbags 10, BTH 8.

But as we moved into doubles 501.....ladies & gentlemen.......I introduce to you CUPPA & the aforementioned "double trouble". Hey, no one really lit it up on our side, and FURIOUS didn't even stick around to see us get swept, he was so sick. JFK took off as well, leaving Vince and I to wallow alone in our own misery.

BTH took the last 5/6, hi-lighted by a great 146-out by Tom Gray that ended the match, sealing a 13-11 victory.

We left faster and angrier than....I don't know, 2 really fast and angry dudes.

As we stormed out, I could still hear Tom screaming in ecstasy over his 146-out.

So angry.....

Anywho....kudos to Biddy's who are always great hosts.

And big props to the jukebox and the "play mine next" feature.

Note to non-darts people in the bar: if you play Enrique Iglesias or Marc Anthony (who, up until just now, I thought were the same dude), your remaining selections are goin' DOWN.

Which leads us to the Line Of The Night (TM), that was delivered at a low-volume point during Anthony's "You Sang To Me":

CUPPA: "JFK, gimmie all your money....I gotta get this crap off the jukebox."

Allstar recap:

CUPPA - 595
VINCE - 535
JFK - 471

Tonight....monday, December 15th:

We play Boolsheet at The Jeek. We have an opportunity to jump 2 spots in the standings if we win tonight. Here's our chance to make something happen in an otherwise lackluster season.

I think we're going to battle with JFK, FURIOUS, Vince, and I, CUPPA.

See you there.

And last but not least: LALLYPALOOZA a word: insanity. Great times. There's too much I could type here. Not enough time. Everyone was there. Cheers, and thank you Mr. Lally.





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