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CAPTAIN'S LOG: DART DATE: 10 - 29 - 07

Halloween in New York. You gotta love it. People in this town are so Type A, so driven, that when an opportunity comes along when you can "play against type" and just be a goofball... you gotta embrace it. Enter The 2nd Annual Halloween Dart Night (NOTE: PICTORIAL TO FOLLOW). Sure, we were missing 28% of the 'Bags (Tim had to work late and Gins was at the Ranger game). But we enjoyed the company of Colin "The Microwave" O'Donell. We had Lou Henry and his Starving Dartists drop by on their way to their C-3 match. Always good to see those guys. And we even managed to get 2 of 3 Klopchin sisters, Hopi and Holly. In addition Nellie and (Friend of Dartbags, F.O.D) Greg were on hand. Good crew. We knew regardless of the outcome, it would be a good night.

The 'Bags would take on Hands of Doom on "The Stage" at Barfly. It had been a while since we'd faced off against this bunch. The last time we saw HOD was B league playofss back on Tuesday when Farticus, Pew Lou, and the Surgeon were on active duty.

Usually, the 'Bags send Glenn up first. But not always. Glenn's logic was the final word on the matter.

Glenn: Ladies first.

So Mother Superior would lead off.

SINGLES: 5 - 7 Dartbags

Sister Frank vs. Ross Cohen

Ross came firing out of the gate leading off with a Ton. But he was just getting started. He caught a 66 next round. Then followed that up with a Ton-20. Two rounds later, he found himself on 95. But, Frank was hanging in, just 63 points off the pace. Ross stepped up and went first dart, T-19... 2nd dart D-19. Ho. Lee. Crap. Ross racked up 315 ASPs, hit a Treble every turn, took out a 95 and was gone in 17 darts. Wow. But the Captain kept his cool and took the second game, by hitting (what else) a D-1. And in the final game put away a 32 out with Ross poised to pounce on a 40 out. 2-1 Dartbags, but tip your cap to Ross. Best damn darts we've seen since Tony Roman pulled a 14 Darter on us.

Superglenn vs. Rob Evans

Another match up of people who's been playing each other for years. You knew this would be a good battle. Both shooters were streaky. SuperPike piled up 464 ASPs. But it was Rob who was hitting his outs first, taking the first two. Personally, I think part of the problem was the music. In addition to the usual hard-rocking, upbeat music, Frank had selected a Johnny Cash song, the old spiritual "The Legend of John Henry". Frank's father used to sing this song back in the 70s and Frank recalled it as a a soulful, yet lively, recounting of a man's indominable will (as well as a neocryptic metaphor for creeping Industrialism.) Unfortunately, this version was neither. In fact, I don't know what the hell it was. Usually, Johnny Cash is a safe bet. Not this time. In fact, half the song wasn't even singing, it was Johnny doing a mock dialogue between a quarry foreman and the eponymous John Henry replete with such cringe inducing lines as "Boy! Pick up that hammer!", "Yes sir!". And it went on... For. Ever. It made Freebird look like Louie Louie. The natives at Barfly were clearly getting restless. And by restless, I mean seriously annoyed.

Frank to Jen: The Legend of John Henry isn't quite the crowd pleaser I thought it would be.

Jen: Mmmmm, nope.

Frank: Geez... How long IS this song???

Colin: I think this is the Allman Brothers version.

But Piker didn't let the tragic demise of the "steel-drivin' man" ruin the entire set. He redoubled his focus in leg 3. He popped a D-10 to turn in a 9 turner in the final frame to salvage the point. All tied at 3-3. Whew. Done and Done.

Enter Cuppa Joe featuring a number of newly drawn tattoos vs. Jared DeMarino.

Cup looked pretty tough, I must say. Evidently Barfly patrons agreed. So much so that he was mistaken for the bouncer when he stood by the front door. Always the "Method Actor", Cup submerged himeslf in his role by ID'ing several patrons as they entered the bar.

Cup: ID?

Confused Girl: Oh. Sorry. Umm... I got it in here somew-

Cup: That's all right. C'mon in.

It took Cup a little time to reach cruising altitude in this set. He got out of the gate slowly and Jared D took the first one. By the end he was hot as a freshly made Stouffer's French Bread Pizza (which, if you'll recall your childhood, is roughly the same temperature as bubbling magma). In set two he nearly took out a 152, going T-20, T-20 before missing the D-16. He hit it next dart. And in the second set he went T-19, T-20, S-16 (135) to put himself on 92. Then went S-1, T-17, D-20 to close it out. Gone in 20 darts. The Flaming Cuppa Joe tattoo on his forearm said it all. Hombre es mas en fuego. Great stuff. 5-4 'Bags

Shaggy Vince vs. Matt Heit.

Vince piled up 4 tons along the way. Usually quality rounds earn you a victory. But not this time. Matt simply shot great. He piled up 505 ASPs of his own and was gone in what seemed like 7 to 9 rounds everytime. Sometimes you just run into a buzzsaw. It happens. Another tip of the cap and - hey, wait a minute... we're freaking LOSING! First time all year we've been trailing after singles. Dang. 5-7 HOD

CRICKET: 4 -2 Dartbags

FrankenPike facedd off against Ross and Jen Lilya. Frank got it rolling with 5 20s and the 'Bags never looked back. Ross and Captain Jen stepped up their game in the 2nd leg, but the 'Bags held on. In the final leg, Frank popped a T-20, T-19 and Pike wasn't missing. They took the last one to complete the sweep. Needed that one. 8-7 'Bags

Cup'nVince faced Rob and matt in what would prove to be a tough match. Rob's rep among the D'Bags is well known and Matt seemed intent on making one. The HOD took the first one with stellar darts. But the 'Bags counterpunched in set two with Cup throwing big rounds and Vince chipping in for the win. But Cuppa Joe's broad shoulders were not enough to overcome good darts by Rob and Matt in the final set. Dang. And once again we were tied, this time 9-all.

DOUBLE '01: 6 - 0 Dartbags

It was FrankenVince in the final set taking on Matt and Jen. The Hornet's Nest did the heavy lifing here going In 2 times and Out 3 times. (Two of those outs were in the same exact spot on the board, the D-4 just over the wire of the D-13. Weird). After winning the first two in close matches, Frank offered an observation.

Frank: We gotta pick it up, guy, if we're going to take the last one.

Vince: What do you mean 'we'? I've gotten us in and out twice and I hit 2 Tons.

Frank: (pause) I see your point.

So the Cap heated up long enough to toss a couple of all stars and Vince again drove the nail to take the W - and the sweept. 12-9 'Bags

Cup and Glenn took on Matt and Rob in the finale. There were 3 points out there for the taking. The night could end up anywhere from a tie to a nice win. Cup and Glenn were terrific. Both men got on quickly and out on the first few darts. In addition, they were lighting up the ASPs with over 500 between them. Details are sketchy and viewed through Jamesons colored glasses, but sufficie it to say the Good Guys took all three points and Cup once again had a High O with a searing DS-116 in game 3. Great work from the Astorians and a great way to finish the evening.


This was a good night all around. HOD were good shots and a great hosts. Rather than look down on the silliness of Halloween Darts they were on board, and we shared some hearty laughs along the way. This bunch likes to have a good time. If not for a late run by the 'Bags, this one could have gone either way. As it was, we'll consider ourselves fortunate to get 15 points and run the unbeaten streak to 17 weeks. We'll look forward to seeing them at our place in December.

All Star Recap:

Bouncer Cup: 719 (Is there anyone in A-3 playing better?)
Super Glenn: 698 (Pike-like as the night progressed)
Shaggy Vince: 600 (Carried us in D '01)
Sister Frank: 558 (Looked suprisingly good in Habit)

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