Friday, September 24, 2010

WEEK 1 - FALL 2010


Its been too long, we're glad to be back...

We've been
Let loose
From the noose...

...hammering out a 15-3 victory over
Fitz In Any Hole, from Fitzgerald's Pub.

Thats right - Fitz In Any Hole - nice work
on the name guys.

But we are back indeed.  The Dartbags, that is.
And to celebrate, we've resurrected the blog
from a long period of radio silence.  

Where have we been?

To be honest, our latest incarnation of the 'bags
just couldn't hack the A division.  Half the team
was getting tired of barely surviving in the bottom
2-3 teams in A2, and basically said no mas, Roberto.

The other half of us, me included, were left trying
to figure out whether we really belonged in A

Look, we have some darn good players,
but lets face it - we rode the Werewolf Turnpike
all the way to A division, and when he quit,
it was pretty much sayonara after that.

Sprinkle in a couple of guys getting married,
having kids....changes in priorities and
responsibilities, and we just weren't the same
team that got us to A in the first place.

So to keep playing darts, half of us decided to
dissolve into our sister team, The Starving Dartists,
where the other half of our team began playing
full time, in B division.

It took some pride swallowing, and some late night
reality check conversations....sometimes having to
verbally beat it into some guy's heads,
but we soon realized that B was where we belonged.
The last 2 seasons playing as the Dartists proved that.

NOTE:  none of what I'm saying here is in any
way a slight to B division.  B is tough...with some
great teams and great players, who will soon be
making hay in A.  I'm merely laying out the chronicle of
the journey we've taken to this point.  Aite?

So the Dartbags are back at the Jeek.  Where our
plaques and trophies from championships gone by
reside like relics in an old Moose Lodge.

But we return as second class citizens.

No longer are we the Kings of Keeley...the
Princes of The Pub.  Drinking Darts, led by
Sir Dylan St John Foster, now rule the roost.
They are the A alpha dogs of The Jeek,
and we're merely 1 of 3 other Jeek sponsored
teams, fighting our way through B division.

If we want it back again, we need to get it ourselves.

Not by flying too high on borrowed wings.

Wings that weren't really "ours", you know what I mean...

I'm saying we were flying high in April, with the Werewolf,
but shot down in May, without the Werewolf...

The wings that we were using to fly weren't actually...

(ok enough, I'm done Furious...)

Week 1 - Fall 2010

On Monday, what can I say...we rolled like dubya.

I was 15-3.  Ykwim?  Fitz threw
some pretty good darts, especially during singles.
We were only up 5-3 at that point.  2 losses went
to Porntros, who played their toughest shot,
and is embarking on his sophomore season.

Hey bro, no sophomore jinx this season, aite?
I want x-rated darts.  I know you can handle that....

I'm not worthy....I'm not worthy....

I digress....where was I.

So after singles, it was on.  10-0 type of on.

But you know what was really on?  You know
what was really freaking on?!  Like Joy Harmon
on a dirty old 49 Ford Coupe?

Answer:  Chris....aka Mellenballs.

Thats right.  And another outing like that, I'm gonna
change your nickname to Lucille.

Filthy - dirty - disgusting - dare I say stimulating seductive darts,
sending our team into a voyeuristic frenzy!

OK - I just watched the video.....I lost my shite for a second.
I'm cool...

Lets just say his darts were Chridiculous (courtesy Pya).
Best darts I've seen from one of us in a long time.
Restaurant quality.  A division worthy.  Sick.

I think he just hit another R7.  Pop baby, pop.  740 allstar
points, while scoring none in singles 501.  Thats some
chridiculous doubles play, guy.

So thats pretty much it.  We all played pretty well.
We had fun.  We rocked out to The Rolling Stones
all night long (thank you Cuppa - 20 bucks in the jukey).

And Furious showed up in time to help sweep a round
of doubles 501, with I - Cuppa, putting a cap on a great
week 1.

No one else showed up so no props to the entourage
or groupies.  Next week.....I don't know, check the schedule.
Lets have a good season.

Allstar recap:

Mellenballs - 740 - leads B division, undefeated
JFK - 492 - undefeated, solid deez
Cuppa - zero - undefeated, jukemaster 5000
Pya - zero - good positive scoring vibe
Porntros - zero - IS the man, no matter how he throws darts
Furious - zero - way to show up at the end

(BTW:  thats the first time I can remember having 4 guys with
zero asp - like RJ used to say....)



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